Model Shayna Evelyn Looks Absolutely Gorgeous In New Released Photo by IModelZone

shayna stunning

Prince VegaIModelZone did a pretty damn good job with one of Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrities in a recent photo shoot. The photographer teamed up with Shayna Evelyn who did more than enough to capture the eyes of her social media following with no problem. She looked absolutely adorable with pearls wrapped across her beautiful brown flesh while her beautiful hair hung loosely across her shoulders.


It is becoming hard to process how magnificent this beautiful model appears in front of the pink background that matched perfectly with the editing that came out of IModelZone’s work. It takes a skilled photographer that focuses strongly on the beauty that comes out of art to ensure each photo captures the eyes of its viewers like this one.


Shayna has managed to build her name with a unique personality that is pretty hard to turn away from. She is incredibly funny, smart, and careful when it comes to taking on new things. It is currently being decided by our committee whether Shayna will make her official debut on our Top Model charts. Shayna has made front page news on Internet Hollywood three times in the past 4 months. Her impressive performance is quickly making her a household name that will bring her name to super stardom if she remains devoted.


A previous Internet Hollywood article reported that she is one of the first models out of Rhode Island to successfully enter our circuit labeled as a superstar instead of a independent model. Evelyn has developed a positive relationship with Internet Hollywood and that will play out in her favor nicely in future months to come. The model will be considered a VIP in all the Internet Hollywood events she attend.


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