Model Shelby Jewell reveals her dream shoot, growing up being a motorcross fan, scams in the model industry, future plans and more!

Interviews – Independent model Shelby Jewell is giving us something to hold on to in our new interview that occurred over the weekend. I sent the model a few questions to answer over messenger and she was straight forward in every answer she gave and answered every question.


I’ve been aware of Jewel being an upcoming model for about a year now. I always wanted to write something up about her but my only assumption was blaming time for not making it possible. Now the possibilities are here and I manage to get the new model to share some of her views and some inside stories behind her modeling career. I hope you enjoy!!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Shelby Jewel! This is our very first interview, short or long, we have done here at Internet Hollywood, so welcome. I honestly feel your an amazing model that could offer so much as you continue to grow. Could you give our readers a little information on who you are and what made you want to pursue modeling?


Jewell: Hello! Thank you so much. I’m 23, from Connecticut, and have been modeling for a little over a year now. I got into modeling after watching my older cousin do it when I was younger. I always looked up to her and wanted to give it a try. I absolutely loved the experience of my first photoshoot and instantly wanted to do more and more. The whole aspect of meeting new people and seeing their work and being a part of it. Discovering new fashion and ways of modeling is so much fun.


Internet Hollywood: What would you say is your dream photo shoot?


Jewell: My dream photoshoot would have to be for Monster Music. I’ve always wanted to be a Monster Girl! Growing up being a huge Motocross/Supercross fan and seeing the Monster girls. Now that I’m older, I’ve focused more on the music industry the last 3-4 years. My dream is to be a Monster Girl that travels all over for Monster music festivals and crazy photoshoots!

Internet Hollywood: Is it hard for you to build relationships as an independent model because of all the scams out there?


Jewell: It has definitely been a struggle being an independent model. Between trying to book photoshoots and worrying about weather the photographer is professional or not. I’ve come across so many stories of other models experiences with unprofessional “photographers” and their horror stories. Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me, but no one should ever experience or deserve disrespect or sexual harassment. It’s great to become friends with other models and share your resources so we can all stay safe and professional.


Internet Hollywood:  What are some of the things you have planned for the future?


Jewell: My future…I’m taking life one day at a time right now. I’m currently recovering from a very low point in life and all I can do is move forward. I want to fill my time with more amazing photoshoots and opportunities and new friends, etc…I’m not sure what my future holds, but it’ll be nothing short of bright!


Internet Hollywood: Do you see yourself branching off from modeling to something else in the future?


Jewell: Like I’ve said, I absolutely love modeling, but what I love even more and I would say is my passion…singing and performing. I’m a classically trained singer turned metal head! lol Music is everything to me. What I want more than anything in the world is to be a front women of a metal/hard rock band. I’ve gotten myself very involved with the local music industry in CT, NY, MA, RI areas. And sometimes the modeling and music goes hand-in-hand which is the absolute best of both worlds for me!



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