Model Sherry Receiving A Huge Amount Of Recognition Online – Internet Hollywood Take Over?

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Prince Vega –  Sherry has been a busy little firefly over the past couple of weeks. She recently devoted her time in a contest that recently took place online that drew hundreds of models from all over the world. Even with stiff competition involved she still managed to pull through victorious like a true survivor. Her remarkable performance comes with a committed attitude that has worked in her favor and she’s continuing to get huge recognition for it.


Sherry is a familiar face that has made front page news in Internet Hollywood four times throughout the first three quarters of the year. This overwhelming news doesn’t come as a shock to the people that is aware of Sherry’s powerful online presence in the world of social media. She’s been doing an amazing job networking with others and has some pretty impressive results to prove she’s doing just fine. We applaud her incredible work and hope to help her solidify her reputation as one of our newest powerhouses.


sherry sherryThe last time we heard from Tillett, photographer, was back in April, when model Niki Vega was voted Internet Hollywood’s 8th biggest model. An absolutely amazing photograph from their photo shoot was used as a feature image on the website. The photographer is now returning to our front page headlines for the third time and he deserves every minute of the attention he receives for his work.


Sherry’s leadership comes with talent that’s very hard to find. Back in April, she was voted the 10th biggest model inside of Internet Hollywood. She still remains a leading face in our universe and we are certain she will continue to thrive as time ticks on to a brand new year!

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