Model Sherry Tops Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts At #10

sherry 9thOne of Internet Hollywood’s hottest models is now making her presence known on this year’s ‘Top Model’ Billboard Charts. Sherry’s dedication to building her name has earned her the #10th spot with eight private committee votes out of a strong 13, guaranteeing her a powerful rank. Sherry’s battle to the top is only the beginning as heavily determined models like Jessy Erinn, Tygeria, and Priya continues to dominate our alternative realm. Her exciting personality is one to share after hearing how determined she is to try new things. Sherry’s first official debut on our front page headlines was back in late March after shooting a music video with Capital P Production. She also earned the name powerhouse after she easily pulled 9 out of 13 committee member votes to become an official Internet Hollywood celebrity. The power behind her name remains a force that’s entering stages in Internet Hollywood only very few models have gone. Her level of awareness is opened enough to influence the idea of chancing an opportunity when it presents itself. Her latest collaboration includes an amazing photographer by the name of Leonardo Tillet. Our readers were first made aware of the name after model Niki Vega made her debut for the first time back in March. Since then Leonardo has gained over 60 mutual friends that are affiliated with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. Sherry is climbing the ranks to prove her vision goes beyond being just a familiar face. Her Influence is driving the engine that’s shifting lanes big enough to sustain her career on a bigger scale. The load she carries continues to pressure the shoulders of our committee, forcing us to take notes on all her latest projects. Without complaining, Sherry has earned the respect and power to influence our universe with her absolutely incredible gift. Congratulations to Sherry on making it on our top ten billboard charts. The amazing photo of Sherry was took by the incredible Leonardo Tillet.

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