Model & Singer Melissa McCulley to perform at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Model & Singer Melissa McCulley will be showing off more than one talent on the night of Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year in Manchester, CT on August 19th. The model got the invitation to perform early Monday morning during a conversation we were having. After receiving a few links to some of her music I decided to extend the invitation in hopes of seeing her perform in front of our very diverse audience.


News was confirmed last month that the model would be making a special appearance at the party. As a matter of fact, McMcCulley quickly confirmed that she will be making an appearance at the party almost soon after she heard about it. There is a past story that was published on the model that could be found in our ‘coming up’ column on the main page.


I am aware of one of the music covers she will be doing artist wise. I’m not sure at this time what song she plans on singing from that artist to really reveal at this time. However I am fully confident she will glow like the star she is and will set the bar high for all the performances that fill follow after, including mine.


McCulley is also planning on participating in the fashion models runway casting call that will be taking place that night as well. The model plans on attending the event with a friend of hers that is also a guitarist. I look forward to seeing her perform for the very first time in person at the party!



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Melissa McCulley: Instagram

I Am Honja (Photographer): Instagram –  Facebook

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