Model Stephanie Nicole discuss her latest projects, who she wants to work with, her biggest learning experience and more!

Interviews – Model Stephanie Nicole has chosen to up to our questions a little and we surely do appreciate that. I got in touch with the model after she posted her link on a status i wrote requesting that all talent post their fan pages in the comment section.


I asked the model if she’ll be open to doing a 5-question interview and she kindly granted it. One reason I was excited is because I have interviewed Stephanie Nicole already in the past. I asked the model 10 questions that got deep into her career from beyond the photographers lens. She answered her single questioned I asked and was straight forward with every answer she gave me. (read here)


I hope you enjoy my interview with Nicole. I definitely had a fun talking exchanging words with her again!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Stephanie! Welcome back for your second interview with Internet Hollywood. I seen you have been doing a wonderful job keeping yourself active as an independent model. What are some of the latest things you are working on?


Nicole: we’ll right now I’m in the process of moving back down to upstate New York but I am still working on publications and possibly some other fun stuff that I won’t spoil yet.


Internet Hollywood: – Do you feel things are getting better or hard for you as you continue to pursue your goal?


Nicole: some days I feel like things are getting better other times no but the more you put yourself out there the better it will get.


Internet Hollywood: Has there been anybody out there that’s coming out that you want to work with?


Nicole: I may be collaborating with the talented MiniBlaze out of upstate New York he is an extremely talented artist.


Internet Hollywood: – Is there a certain type of summer photo shoot on your “must do” list before the summer ends?


Nicole: We’ll I haven’t really done any beachy type shoots yet this summer because everything has been alittle hectic so that’s defiantly something I wanna get it before the end of summer!


Internet Hollywood: – What would you say is the biggest learning experience for you that you feel others could learn from?


Nicole: the biggest learning experience is just to not give up, it’s hard but you have to keep pushing if it’s something that you want!


After wrapping up the interview with Nicole I quickly got to work on this story as soon I got the time to. I look forward to following her career and writing more stories about her. I truly feel she is an amazing independent model that will conquer what she seeks if she continues to do the amazing job she is doing!



Photographer: Burning Dodge Studios

Stephanie Nicole: Facebook

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