Model Tabitha Nicole discusses her passion for modeling, photography, her first photo shoot, cosmetology, critics, and more!

Interviews – Independent model & photographer Tabitha Nicole was kind enough to fill us in on her background story that lead her to modeling and her upcoming plans for this year. I had the great pleasure in interviewing her to get the inside scoop and she happily answered everyone question I asked and filled me in with all of the details I needed.


I have been connected with her as friends through one of my social media platforms but never really had the chance to do an interview with her for the website so I thought now would’ve been a great time to do. After accepting an invitation to do the interview, I sent her a couple of questions to answer and got them almost as quickly as I sent them. I hope you enjoy reading the short interview! I know I enjoyed doing it!


~*~*~Interview /w Tabitha Nicole*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Ashley!! I’d like to welcome you to the Internet Hollywood universe for the very first time. I have stated on many occasions it is always an honor having new faces pop up on our front page after sharing their stories. It s an educational experience that many could learn from if they valued learning like we do here. Before we kick things off I want to start things off with a pretty common question we ask new people that I interview; could you give us a brief background story on who you are, where you from, and what you do, as far as a talent is concerned?


Tabitha: My model name is Tabitha Nicole and I’m a 24 year old plus size alternative model living in Massachusetts. I’m a published model, amateur photographer, a singer, a headpiece maker and a soon to be licensed cosmetologist.


Internet Hollywood: In this day and age it is important to wear multiple hats to expand to a bigger place and life and many people have migrated onto more than one field to pull that off. Where did your passion for modeling begin and what sparked the interest in wanting to be a photographer and how hard was it for you to learn to take photos and edit?


Tabitha: My passion for modeling started young even tho I never really did anything about it till about two years ago. I loved dressing up and pretending to be someone else which I guess it was kinda like cosplay. I was also badly bullied as a child so I guess just wanting to feel beautiful and express myself had a lot to do with it as well. Eventually as I got older I met the right people too and I had become friends with some models and photographers. Dalia Stamm is my best friend and did my first shoot and has helped me become the model I am today. And honestly I never wanted to be a photographer until I got behind my camera. Or was definitely challenging to learn it but I feel as tho I had a natural eye for photography.


Internet Hollywood: What has been the vision for you as a whole once you put together the goals you felt you needed to begin the steps to that destination as you became more experience and are there other fields you want to try out?


Tabitha: My vision for me for this field is to inspire others to love themselves and see beauty how I see it because it’s everywhere. Other fields I would want to explore is just in the cosmetology world. I need to do something that involves art or I’m not interested.


Internet Hollywood: What style of photo shoots fits your comfort zone as a model and what kind of photo shoots you prefer doing as a photographer when collaborating with others?


Tabitha: As a model I’ve done almost every type of shoot, and I’d have to say my favorite is always something Gothic fantasy. I’m OK with doing boudoir and implied nudes with the right people but it’s not what I want to do all the time.


Internet Hollywood: Many people are blindly moving in a direction where they are uncertain on what lies ahead but continues to go on that trail to build themselves independently. How hard was it for you to establish a trail for yourself and what kind of connections are you hoping to gain in your journey this year to reach the level you want to?


Tabitha: This industry is not easy. It takes time patient and drive. I’d say it was easy to get shoots at first because I was friends with the right people but it was definitely hard to get where I am today. I still have people who won’t work with me and who don’t see me as a professional but that’s OK. This year I’m really hoping to just keep doing what I’m doing because I can only keep going up.


Internet Hollywood: Last question, what are some of the projects that you are working on or are in the process of getting started that everyone should expect in the future from you and where do you hope to see yourself around this time next year?


Tabitha: So I’m working on a few things this year, one is getting my cosmetology license so that I can do hair. Also I’ve been doing people’s makeup for practice in hopes that that becomes a thing aha. I’ve been bettering my voice and taking some singing lessons so I can hopefully get that up on YouTube. And then I’m also in hopes that my headpieces take off so I can turn that into a small business. This time next year I hope I’m doing all of these things


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Ashley!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~

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