Model Taylor Elizabeth Knytych says this movie on Netflix was so bad her and her boyfriend couldn’t stop laughing

T.O.T.W – Netflix is the talk of Internet Hollywood for all of the right reasons this week. After a little digging I discovered huge amount of people that I knew were subscribed to the streaming giant and enjoyed the huge amount of options that are available for them when selecting something to stream. So far shows like “Orange Is The New Black” is being viewed as a favorite to most of the people I interviewed.


One person that I haven’t had a chance to interview was New Hampshire model Taylor Elizabeth Knytych. I made it a must to ask the model if she was a Netflix subscriber and immediately started our interview after finding out she was. In the short interview, we started off by discussing her favorite and least favorite shows on the network and then branched off a little bit into other things related to the topic. She told me the reason she liked the Netflix and what shows she liked the best on it.


“I love how Netflix doesn’t force you to watch commercials like other tv show streaming options. I love how they stream full seasons/series of TV shows, so you can start a series from the beginning. It is a fan-girl’s dream come true, I like watching and re-watching series to pick up on small details, and Netflix is the best and only service for me to do that. Some of my favorites would be Supernatural, Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Jessica Jones.. but there are really so many to choose from. I like that a streaming service can compete with cable company monopolies.”

Internet Hollywood: What show do you recommend people shouldn’t watch to avoid disappointment and why?


“If someone is looking for a very bad Zombie movie, check out Zoombies, it’s about animals in a zoo turning into zombies. I just watched it last week with my boyfriend and it was laughingly bad. There are plenty of great options on Netflix to balance out any bad shows or movies.”

Internet Hollywood: What are some movies or series that you hope will end up on Netflix in the future?


“I can usually expect what I want to watch to be up on Netflix sooner or later, I would love if more series put their newest season up on Netflix as soon as it’s done airing, like Supernatural did.”

Internet Hollywood: If you could see yourself acting in a series or movie on Netflix what film will it be and what character will you play?


“I could definitely see me in one of the superhero series. I have been a big fan of comic book heroes for my whole life and I love the ones on Netflix. I could see myself working along with Supergirl or Jessica Jones.”

Internet Hollywood: Last question: Recently a show on Netflix titled ’13 Reasons Why’ caused quite a disturbance and had people feeling like it glamorized suicide. My question is, who is the blame if a teenager decides to commit suicide after watching the show?


“Our society is to blame. If a person is showing signs of depression, I feel like society has shamed a person to speak out for help. Listen to your friends and loved ones, care for them and do not judge them for coming to you, and if you’re worried about someone that won’t seek help, make them know you’re there for them. A strong support system is the only way to survive in this world.”

Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for answering our questions Taylor.


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