Model Taylor Elizabeth shares the red carpet with Model Emma Katherine at the Internet Hollywood Party in Manchester, CT

Internet Hollywood News – Model Taylor Elizabeth was all smiles for Éhro as she shared the red carpet with Emma Katherine who joined by her side in the Manchester theater. The models took on the camera with gigantic smiles that lit up to Éhro’s snapping lens and the photos are just as amazing as it looked in person.


Taylor kept her slay meter high and kept her vibe positive and very friendly. Katherine was very sweet and new to the scene but connected with others quite nicely from what I saw. I learned more about the two personally the next day and they both had two different types of personalities but very awesome chemistry together.


What’s also exciting about this is the proof that shows this is Elizabeth’s second time being at a Internet Hollywood party. The model also made an appearance back in April at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts. She attended that event alongside Vermont model Isabel Vinson.


Seeing her  make an appearance with a new face to Internet Hollywood definitely gives me good signals some people wouldn’t really expect. Seeing fresh faces keeps the vibe alive and brand new stories coming. I hope to see both of these beautiful models at the fashion runway show in October.


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Taylor Elizabeth: Instagram – Facebook 

Emma Katherine: Instagram

 Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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