Model Tina Louise Dodges ProjectXPlatinum Contest – Remains A Famous Name In Internet Hollywood

Tina editProjectXPlatinum model Tina Louise may not have been a contestant in the ProjectXPlatinum contest but she still remains a thriving celebrity in Internet Hollywood. A huge number of votes stormed through ProjectXPlatinum’s Facebook fan page as fans chose their favorite model that participated in the popular contest. Although the exposure in competing is solid model Tina Louise is not a participant inside of the ‘cover girl’ battle. Many would speculate whether or not her move was the right choice being one of the newest models involved with ProjectXPlatinum. The last thing anyone would want to see is a new model being flooded over by an enormous amount of new models that’s hungry for the exposure. Tina’s vision gives an uplifting feeling to those that personally knows why she chose to stay away from the face off with other models. Tina feels being a ‘cover girl’ is more of an award than anything else. I have to honestly agree with her on that. I refuse to stretch to avoid expressing things I’m not sure people would want me to. Although the heights in competing remains high its always best to go with the feeling inside that guides you. Many models choose to ignore certain signals they receive than quickly ends up in regretful situations they can’t turn away from. Tina’s state of mind is the reason why she will always rise to the top whenever she decides its time to swing. No living being can deny the fighter that lives inside of Tina when she overcomes a struggle. The truth remains hidden in her heart and those that get a chance to see her reveal it will understand why Tina Louise will always be a superstar in Internet Hollywood! The amazing photo of Tina Louise was done by the amazing MacKay Photography!

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