Model Tina Louise Gives Sensitive Models Advice On Surviving The Judgmental Modeling Industry

tina louiseInternet Hollywood is well aware of what scares many females that dreams of exceeding their limits to succeed in the entertainment business. The fear of competing against beautiful models from all across the globe could deeply impact a woman’s conscious enough to defeat their motivation. Many models remain afraid of the way they will be seen by others that’ll judge them based on their looks and body size. This is one of the things that can’t really be escaped if you want to involve yourself in the world of modeling. The reality of what the business is remains intimidating to millions of females all over the world and decades later it still haven’t changed. Internet Hollywood recently caught up with the gorgeous upcoming model Tina Louise to get her thoughts and advice to models that is currently going through that pressure right now.


“There is a place in this business for all types of women,” she said. “If we all looked the same what fun would that be really? The industry can be extremely judgmental cliquey and sometimes downright intimidating especially for your non stereotypical model types like myself. Im 5 feet tall and 36 years old not to mention still very green. My advice is find your unique style. I see a lot of women attempting to mirror another’s style and becoming frustrated when they don’t see the same result come through in photographs. You look like you not anyone else so a models focus should always be on herself and perfecting her style. Basically, it’s a combination of trial and error as well as having a tough skin. I use the criticism I have received as a motivator. The more someone tells me no, the more driven I am to get out there and do exactly what they say I can’t.”

She Continues:

“Women are all beautiful in their own unique way and we all have a look or characteristic to offer the right photographer in the right concept. I also have learned that the more you shoot, the more you identify your style and the more confident you become which definitely shows through in your photos. I think models put too much pressure on themselves and you can’t let others opinions of you influence who you are and you certainly should never allow anyone to tell you you’re not good enough or that you don’t “fit in” because you’re not trying to fit in you’re trying to stand out. You may not be one photographers cup of tea but you will be someone else’s and that’s not only true in the modeling industry but in life itself.”

Tina is one of the very few upcoming models enthusiastic enough to continue push for what she loves regardless how others feel about it. The down to earth lovable sweetheart brightens the light inside the hearts of those she love with her incredibly funny sense of humor. Tina is an incredibly warm thoughtful person with an attitude the world needs more of. Finding someone as amazing as Tina is a challenge worth seeking for a lifetime. The world couldn’t imagine having someone like Tina without knowing what its like to be her. Her vision is as solid as the dreams she wish to pursue and no one will stop her from achieving just that. We welcome the beautiful Tina to our universe and we are more than grateful to have her as our newest Internet Hollywood celebrity!


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