Model Tina Louise Takes Over Gray Mode Images Magazine Front Cover

gray mode issue editProjectXPlatinum model Tina Louise is keeping it clean in one of her latest photo shoots that is now being seen inside Gray Mode Images. Tina’s beautiful face is making headlines in a way many would expect if they knew how determined Tina is personally. She continues to keep her mind focused with new ways to expand herself in the alternative realm of modeling and she will stop at nothing to do so. Her incredible gift to uplift peoples spirit shares the same positive energy she uses to evolve when communicating with others. The thought of not having someone like Tina Louise in your life would complicate the relationship that creates bonds that strengthen trust between pairs. Tina is sweet, adorable, smart, healthy and easy to get along with. The upcoming Internet Hollywood celebrity is definitely one out of the few in the hundreds from our universe that will open up a lane undiscovered by many of our celebrities. After learning more about Tina Louise it didn’t shock me to find out she’s being featured in magazines in the digital universe. The truth that lies behind the ink is the person behind the mask and not once have Tina held her identity from us. She continues to fight through the struggles with amazing tactics to hustle her way through the maze that cages many upcoming models from their dreams.  We would love to congratulate our beautiful Tina for making the front cover of Gray Mode Images outdoor magazine issue.

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