Model Tori Lyn discuss her photo shoot with Cantera Image, looking up to Isabel Vinson and being comfortable under her own skin

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut model Tori Lyn is finally getting her first publication in Internet Hollywood and it is well deserved. The 24-year-old rising talent has been slowly building herself up as an independent model with a strong passion for embracing the beauty that comes with posing behind a camera and she has been taking the steps to get in on the action. I recently came across some of her recent work with a lot of upcoming photographers and immediately liked what I saw.  She definitely struck me as a person with a huge amount of potential
After having a conversation with Lyn, I decided to take her on for an interview to get a deeper look into who she is beyond the lens. I asked her about her photo shoot with Cantera Image, being an independent model, her way of dealing with pain and more. I attached the interview below for you to read!
Internet Hollywood: Victoria you are a rising talent that has been doing an amazing job to build yourself up as an independent model. What would you say is your biggest learning experience so far?
Lyn: I would have to say my biggest learning experience during this time has got to be that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I can go as far as I’ll allow myself to. Growing up like most girls I never felt comfortable in my own skin and one day a photographer reached out to me on one of my hardest days to tell me that everything was going to be okay and I was going to be alright. From that day out I have been the happiest I have ever been and I’ve gained so much confidence in such a short amount of time because I was able to break out of my shell and became the person I always wanted to be.
Internet Hollywood: When did you come to the realization that you comfortable under your skin? What changed about the way you looked at yourself?
Lyn: I have always been a fan of artistic nudes and just body empowerment in general but I never thought that I would be good enough to fit in that category. The photographer I started out with had always made me feel in control of what was going on and that made me feel really comfortable so making that transition was very easy for me. One day I went to shoot and I just knew it was the day to take that leap, I couldn’t be happier with where it’s gotten me to today. I’m usually more comfortable doing these types of shoots because I’m in full control of my body and poses come way more natural to me. I’ve looked up to Isabel Vinson for a while specifically because she’s such a strong, confident, and inspirational women, i mean who wouldn’t want to be just like that!? Her work is phenomenal and truly inspiring. I’ve just come to terms over the years that this is the body I was given and I’m not going to take that for granted. I’m gonna live my life to the fullest and work what I got.
Internet Hollywood: When dealing with pain what is one thing you think about that always gets you through it at times you feel you want to give up your goals?
Lyn: I have an amazing support system that is always there for me so I really never have had the chance to even think about quitting the one thing that brings me so much joy. I’ve meet many supportive photographers that I can go to about anything and models that have turned into some of my best friends. In the end I just think to myself where I was before I began doing this and honestly I never want to go back, I’m finally becoming the person I always wanted to be.
Internet Hollywood: Could you see yourself being a fan of Victoria Bardwell if you weren’t her?
Lyn: For me personally, to look up to someone I base it off what message they are trying to portray through their art. Every artist is looking for a way to escape in some way, there’s always a reason for creation. With all different forms of art within this industry there are so many possibilities and to see what others can create and what emotions I can feel from them is truly amazing. So when I see the end result of my work sometimes I can feel the emotion I was going for and at other times I’m surprised at the different mix of emotions that were running through my mind at that time. I’m doing what I love and I feel like that’s what I need to be doing, I’m here to be my true self. With that being said, I’m my #1 fan!
Internet Hollywood: One of my favorite photo shoot you did was Cantera Image. I think you looked extremely gorgeous in the dress you were wearing, and the photos that came out of the shoot were wonderful. How was it shooting with Cantera Image?
Lyn: Funny thing about that dress, I’ve had that piece for almost 6 years and have always been head over heels in love with it. Getting ready for that shoot I knew instantly it was gonna be one of my favorite sets and to have Cantera Image capture me in it was absolutely perfect, and of course he didn’t let me down. I always look forward to shooting with him, he’s definitely in my top 5 favorite photographers! He’s a very genuine person and we always create something amazing together. I also have a lot of unseen work done by him so keep a look out!
Internet Hollywood: Last question: At what point in your life modeling becomes a thing of the past and you move on to other things?
Lyn: I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when the time comes, failure isn’t a part of my dream. I don’t plan on ever giving up, the universe has so much in store for me and I don’t plan on missing a second of it.
Internet Hollwood: Thank you Tori.


Lyn: No, thank you!
Internet Hollywood is now following the career of Tori Lyn’s and will be updating our readers on some of her latest news. All of these amazing images featured in this story was taken by Cantera Image. You could follow both of their fan pages highlighted in the links below!
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