Model Tori Lyn looking to blow off steam at the Internet Hollywood party on August 19th, says she’s excited to see Isabel Vinson, Cantera image, and Constantine Manos!

LIVE – Connecticut model Tori Lyn just gave us the inside scoop on her upcoming appearance at Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year on August 19th!


Internet Hollywood Party: Hey Tori Lyn! Time is ticking and the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party is just around the corner. I’ve been interviewing dozens of talented people that are very excited to hang out with their old friends and meet new people. How are you feeling now that the day of the party is finally approaching?


Lyn: I’m super stoked for the party! I can’t wait to be in the same room alongside some of my best friends and all the new people I’m going to meet! I know it’s gonna be a blast, wouldn’t want to spend my Saturday anywhere else.


Internet Hollywood: Who is going to this party that you are excited to see?


Lyn: I get to go with one of my best friends danica eliseus, any time we’re together it’s always a good time haha. I also get to see all the girls I don’t get to see as often as I want to. Of course Isabel, cantera image, and constantine! The list could go on and on!


Internet Hollywood: Many models revealed their amazing dresses for the dance celebration. Have you decided what your going to wear for it already?


Lyn: It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to go for, but I think I found the winner.


Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to experience and gain from this event?


Lyn: I’m just looking to have a good time, and kinda blow off some built up steam with some amazing people. I love meeting new people that share similar interests and I would love to get some collaborations out of it to!


Internet Hollywood: Do you feel a networking event like this is important for upcoming talent?


Lyn: I definitely believe a networking party like this is very vital for upcoming talent. Great people, great environment, this place will be filled with some of the most insperational and creative people, so it would be a shame to miss out.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you Lyn!

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