Model Tya Elizabeth Rewarded ✮Superstar✮ Status In Internet Hollywood

bella donna 1Prince Vega – Model Tya Elizabeth is getting the attention she deserves after the word came to our reporters that she’ll officially make her debut in Internet Hollywood as one of our newest superstars. The long overdue decision is shifting the energy in a positive direction that will work best in her favor. Her name remains familiar to our representatives because she was promised a superstar position by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.


Tya’s well deserve status as a growing phenomenon comes with a series of photos taken by extremely talented photographers like Bella Donna. We’ve repeatedly been in touch with the gorgeous new celebrity to remind her that she will soon make front page headlines, and now that day is finally here. We are happy to share our platform with this strong and talented butterfly that’ll soon set her wings to fly above all that will soon look up to her. Her bravery comes with a conscious mind that defines the true meaning of a woman learning through experience. Members of our committee are already impressed by the amazing work Tya has floating across her social media pages.


Many concerns for newer models in Internet Hollywood comes when its time to compete against models that are already established. We witness models cave under the pressure and hid behind excuses to avoid taking on the challenge that will later define their legacy. One person we are certain is ready for that challenge is Tya Elizabeth. She’s very patient and that makes the journey for this model even more beneficial in the future. Her personality is a piece of joy mixed in a bowl of heaven with angels on top. We applaud her for taking on the dream as a model with a vision that very few understand. We welcome this brave woman to the Internet Hollywood universe. The amazing photo of Tya was taken by an amazing photographer by the name of Bella Donna.



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