Model Tygeria Dominates ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contest – Currently In The Lead

tygeria editModel Tygeria is gearing up for another epic week in the run for ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine cover. Our reporters discovered that Tygeria’s incredible performance have now helped her gain almost 500 votes, making her the front runner in the contest. The popular Internet Hollywood superstar has also pulled in over 197 shares and over 35 comments on the contest page. Many haters would blame the numbers on the incredibly strong following she picked up in the past but why does that matter? The huge amount of work Tygeria puts into expanding herself as a model is the reason Tygeria remains victorious in most of the contests she participates in. Tygeria recently became the 8th biggest model on our international billboard charts after only two months inside of Internet Hollywood. The highly energized battle came after she tied with popular Internet Hollywood superstar Jessy Erinn for the number 8th spot before it was broken after another vote was casted by the 13th member of the committee. Tygeria’s accomplishments continues to make front page news in our universe without any trouble. It has already been confirmed that the adorable model will soon have her very own radio show on Internet Hollywood Radio in months to come. If Tygeria continues to keep votes coming she will win the front cover of ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine

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