Model Tygeria Gets Recruited To ProjectXPlatinum; Could She Be The Next Big Thing?

Tygeria is keeping the noise loud for her 288 thousand followers this weekend after unleashing a storm of recent photographs alongside her interview up with DJ Ty of Vyzion Radio! The Miss Playboy Energy Drink winner was scheduled to be aired April 7th-April 13th on The app. is available on the website for those that are interested in catching what’s left of the interview with the beautiful new ProjectXPlatinum model.

ty1The full-time model has earned her stay in internet stardom with all her amazing abilities that includes singing, dance, theater and quite frankly all she puts her mind to. The model has manage to cross the barriers between the alternative and mainstream enough to recognize the importance of keeping herself relevant in an industry millions of females dream of. Tygeria was recognized as a Visual Candy’s model before being recruited to ProjectXPlatinum by a very busy Prince Vega that truly believes in revolutionizing the modeling industry. Tygeria latest update follows an incredible display of photography done by Michael W. Bishop from Creative Visions. Tygeria has kept her supporters happy with endless updates with photos and special quotes to motivate her followers through their journey.


Tygeria Facebook Status:

“You know when you watch a movie and you yell at the movie because you know all the answers for the people and their life. I often times wish my life was a movie so I knew what to do and what was right for it. Oh life such a beautiful and puzzling experience-tygeria xoxox”


Tygeria has come a long way on her unpredictable road of life and her accomplishments is predicted to come with endless pleasures. Every step this model take is a print left in the past for her followers to pass on their sacred journey to awaken themselves within.  Prince Vega & Isabel Vinson welcomes Tygeria with open arms to the new modeling organization with hopes of accomplishing greater things in the future! Don’t just read about Tygeria, live inside her moment to feel the momentum that comes with being in her position as a strong independent model with big dreams that can very well change the future of modeling forever!

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