Model Tygeria Helps Internet Hollywood Celebrate Our Third-Year Anniversary With “Happy Birthday” Selfie

Prince Vega – Model Tygeria is giving us her warm love in a new selfie to help us celebrate our three-year anniversary here at Internet Hollywood. The model overwhelmed me on Facebook after sending me a picture of her gorgeous face while she held  a “Happy Birthday Internet Hollywood” sign! The photo was one of many that poured down our timeline as sensations and supporters showed their love from all over the world.


Tygeria’s year in Internet Hollywood has been beyond fascinating so far. She’s being featured on Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue that is due to come out on the same day she ranks #1 on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart (Feb. 14). She is also the first model in history to win a contest hosted by members of Internet Hollywood!


We are amazingly excited to have such a strong and wonderful model to support in our growing community. Tygeria’s hard work has earned over 1.7 million followers on her Facebook fan page.

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