Model Tygeria Pulls Over 1 Thousand Votes – ProjectXPlatinum Contest Officially Over!

We are happily informing all of our beautiful ladies that the ProjectXPlatinum contest is finally! The news informing us on the latest update following the contest was posted a little over an hour ago on the ProjectXPlatinum fan page. The status also stated that Tygeria has received 1,017 votes, which is beyond what’s needed to win:

“Tygeria has 1000 votes! 1,017 to be exact. We will count votes tomorrow and let everyone know of the final standings!”

tygeria new 2All the beautiful brave models involved with the contest will not be leaving empty-handed. We have already made it clear that we are opening our doors to make them official Internet Hollywood celebrities for free! The purpose of creating ProjectXPlatinum was to build a home for all models that truly believe in their dreams enough to pursue it. Tygeria is one of the very few models that continues to use that formula to her advantage. Within two months she became the 8th biggest model in Internet Hollywood.

We like to thank all the amazing models that participated inside of the ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ contest. We hope to use the remaining of our time to continue building a connection with all of you! It’s beautiful females like you that makes contests like these very exciting

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