Model Viola Verity Absolutely Glamorous In New Photoshoot With Rochanna Buckley

VIOLA NEW EDITPhotographer Rochanna recently teamed up with ProjectXPlatinum model Viola Verity to piece together an absolutely amazing art piece for the world to see. The chart topping Internet Hollywood headliner looked absolutely stunning across the sofa she rested her back against and Rochanna was there to capture it all.  The latest photos released involving Viola four days ago came without warning and shocked everyone. Enough words couldn’t have been said to put together words to describe the beautiful work that made these amazing photos of Viola possible. She continues to work against those that doubt her talent and proceeds to dominate all that stands in her way. Viola is currently one of the most popular models headlining in Internet Hollywood according to our statistics. The last chart update shows that Viola pulled in enough committee votes to secure a spot at#4 on our billboard charts. The debut of this young modeling phenomenon as a ProjectXPlatinum member created a storm in our universe that could still be felt today. We were all made aware of how strong the power behind Viola’s name became after being voted into our charts for being one of the very few to help ProjectXPlatinum expand earlier this year.  We ask that you all show your support and check out all the amazing photos by Viola Verity and photographer Rochanna Buckley below!


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