Model Viola Verity Shows Off Her Booming Curves In New Photo Shoot With Ray As

viola 1Prince Vega – Model Viola Verity is seriously putting the size talk to bed in a stunning black dress that shows off her lovable curves. The plus size model found it in her heart to share her amazing work to her followers and friends on Facebook who showed their appreciation by liking the photo.

“When you thick but got curves for days,” she wrote. “Straight off of the camera. Why am I not a real plus size model yet? Lol”

What’s not to love about Viola’s charming personality that could easily help others grow a caring heart for situations that really matter. She continues to bring awareness to plus size model discrimination and has fought endlessly to continue her strong path as the amazing that she is.


Viola’s silence in our universe ends with a positive message that will inspire models all over the world to chase their dreams no matter what size they are. Changing the perception of models in the industry begins with the idea of changing. As soon as beautiful models like Verity convince the minds of those that oppose plus-size modeling that beauty is defined by the art of creation, the sooner the modeling industry will be a better place. We also would have to credit amazing photographers like Ray As for not discriminating against beautiful woman that deserves a shot at their dreams. Verity will also be a headlining name on Internet Hollywood Radio on November 17th!

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