Which Model Will William Joseph Pick For Internet Hollywood’s April Magazine Issue?

will 6Photographer William Joseph has the floors of our world in his hand and might very well shake it up in April. The #1 male headliner has the power to select any model he chooses to take over the front cover of our April issue coming out on Easter Sunday. The photographer earned that privilege after dominating the race for number one against nine other top ten headliners on our billboard charts. We last seen our William exercise that power in December of last year when he chose model Carrie Madeline to represent the first Internet Hollywood issue that has been seen by thousands already! The magical photos published from the astounding shoot were so stunning it became hard to choose which photo was going to be used as the front cover. The incredible team that William and Carrie make when creating art out of greatly detailed photos is the biggest reason that they both continue to destroy their competition. Their reputation is becoming so strong that the position of both of the superstars is becoming heavily known throughout the entire Internet Hollywood universe. We are predicting that William’s choice will most likely be a model that isn’t a known superstar in our universe. He has already recommended dozens of new upcoming models to our recruiters that are now ProjectXPlatinum superstars.

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