Models Danii Marie, Katie Dye, Lexi Cramer, and Evie Louise gets covered in glitter in their new photo shoot with MCM Photography

Photographers – Melissa of MCM Photography got real creative in her home studio in Connecticut on the 1st of the month. The photographer collaborated with four beautiful models in a glitter photo shoot and sent me the photos over messenger after she was done editing them. After that, I definitely made it a priority to write up a story as soon as I could to share with you all.


So the glitter shoot included a much smaller group of models and it originally started with three models until Melissa asked for model Evie C. Louise to step in as well. Evie was doing makeup for the three other models Danii Marie, Katie Dye, and Lexi Cramer. Melissa revealed that she wanted to try something a bit more complicated, so she went for aliens, space queens, face masks, and butterflies.


“I had 4 stunning faces to photograph this go round. Danii Marie, was turned into a glowing alien complete with blacked out eyes. Katie Dye was our otherworldly space queen as we glittered and bejeweled up into her hair, Lexi Cramer wanted an intricate face mask in stunning pinks and blues and lastly, Evie got all glowed up in Golds/Oranges and Yellows in true homage to the Monarch butterfly. Each was so fun and unique to shoot. Im already planning my next glitter group shoot.”

She continued:

“I love having all this sparkle in my life. I’m truly blessed that so many let me go crazy with my ideas and cover them in jewels and glitter.”


Melissa Morris has found a specialty in creating beautiful shoots out of glitter. It was one of the glitter shoots that got her featured in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue that was released in February 2017. You could check out more work from her and Danii Marie, Katie Dye, Lexi Cramer, and Evie C. Louise by clicking the highlighted links below.




Model: Katie Dye
Model: Lexi Cramer
Model: Danii Marie


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