Models Emma Katherine and Taylor Elizabeth’s spectacular Internet Hollywood party appearance just landed them in Prince Vega’s first music video!


Internet Hollywood Party – Independent New Hampshire model Taylor Elizabeth is no stranger to the Internet Hollywood universe and many people are aware of that including beautiful Vermont model Emma Katherine. Both models made a special appearance at Internet Hollywood party back in August with Isabel Vinson and a lot of others and everybody felt their presence. They came in like bosses.


Although a few of them didn’t walk in the fashion show, they brought a vibe that was felt enough to get the attention of a lot of photographers that took pictures of them that evening. I seen photos of them from Raven Macabre, Constantine Manos, Ehro, Vagabond Image and Day Photography. I chose the ones from Ehro because they happen to be some of my favorites.


The day following the party me, Emma and Taylor hung out in the morning time and I let them hear some new music I was planning to release to the public that I haven’t yet. I then asked if they would like to be in my music video and they replied yes. Seeing the excited look on their day really made my day. They were one of the many females pumping up the crowd while I was performing on stage at the party. I definitely imagined having that same energy at the video shoot.


The names for the fashion runway show has not yet been revealed by any of the photographers. We will have to wait and see what happens in the future. The music video/short film and fashion runway show will be taking sometime in the year 2018.


I will also like to give a special shout-out to Ehro for taking this amazing picture. Check out the work of all three of these talented people by clicking their links below.


~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Taylor Elizabeth: Instagram – Facebook 

Emma Katherine: Instagram

 Ehro (photographer): Facebook – Instagram

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