Models Evie C. Louise and Millz Marley takes on the Photo Doctor in their new photo shoot!

Photo Shoots – It has been a busy year for a lot of models and photographers that are expanding their collection of work with more collaborations with other talented people. It has been me on the hunt to get the scoop on all of the photo shoots that have happened recently. That quest has now brought me here to this story.


Independent Connecticut models Evie C. Louise and Millz Marley is two models that seems to have of passion and hard work into building themselves on the independent level. For years, I’ve seen Evie collaborated with many talented photographers like the Photo Doctor and that could be proven by checking out her page below. She plugged me into Millz Marley page shortly after our conversation.


The two recently collaborated with the Photo Doctor in a pretty wicked photo shoot where he took awesome pictures of the two models on a shelf. It was probably one of the most creative ideas I seen in the last two months. I got in touch with Evie to get the inside scoop on the photo shoot and she filled me in on a little bit of the background story. Here’s what she said:

“It was really hard to pose but we made it work. It happened in the upstairs loft of the mansion in Litchfield. We shot together for maybe two hours or less. The location was very spacious so we tried to take advantage of it as much we could “


She sent me two photos from the photo shoot through FB messenger to add to this story. You could check both of them out below!




Evie C. Louise: Instagram

Photo Doctor: Instagram

Millz Marley: Instagram

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