Models Hayley Cartwright and Austin Lee Ielpi just graduated high school on Sunday

Social Media & Video – Models Hayley Cartwright and Austin Lee Ielpi finally made it pass the finish line in their high school life and pictures of their graduation are popping up all over the Internet. The two amazingly talented teenagers graduated high school on Sunday in the state of Vermont and was kind enough to open their beautiful moment with the world why publishing dozens of pictures on their social media pages.


I received a picture from Cartwright that shows her and Austin Lee Ielpi together on Sunday showing of their smiles for the camera as they took a selfie. The heartwarming moment was definitely powerful enough to make a lot of us feel a little old compared to these two young survivors that kept pushing forward until they kicked down their high school doors. I’m still in my 20’s and felt like I was in my 60’s looking back at my high school days. I surely didn’t make it that far!


But seeing these photos definitely makes me happy for the simple fact that I’ve been writing about both of them for a couple of months now and even had the chance to meet both of them at my party in April. They are very big supporters of Internet Hollywood and I’m glad to return the favor as much as I can. Congratulations to both of these incredible people and good luck on your amazing journey through college. You know we will be following it!



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