Models Joshua Gabriel And Hayley Grant gets close in new photo shoot with Bernie Mac Photography

Photo Shoots – Bernie Mac Photography has been keeping his hands full this month and he’s been happily sharing some of his latest work with personally. I recently interviewed the photographer and got the inside scoop on some of his thoughts and his background story as a photographer, experience wise. The photographer spoke highly of Hayley Grant and explained his experience working with the model.


“I’ve had the distinct please of working with the “H’s” (Hayley Grant and Haley Moss). Hayley has been the person that I shot with most this past year (somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 images form a dozen shoots, and each time it’s a 8-12 hour session), and I do shoot with her that much because she is amazing – beautiful, organized, and always emotional. And Haley is plan crazy (sorry Haley! ) in the energy that she brings to a shoot.”  (read whole interview)


I’ve been following MacArthur  for sometime and I still find his work to excellent. He sent me photos from his recent shoot with models Hayley Grant and Joshua Grant. The photos appears to have taken place at a beach and consist of multiple photos that gets pretty cozier by the minute. I selected some pictures from the photo shoot to add to this story. To see the rest follow their awesome social media pages below.


This week is a moment of history for all three of these rising sensations. All three of them received their first publication in Internet Hollywood. We will keep you updated on all of their latest news when it comes to us.


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