Models Kyra Grasso and Mariah Cummings blossoms in NROR Art’s designs at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show

The Internet Hollywood Fashion show was loaded with cameras that captured the historic moment that took place at the Natick Elks Lodge this Sunday. The special event was designed to create a media moment that would dominate the atmosphere of the venue and create an “all eyes on me” moment when the models meet the cameras in the center of the open floor. A lot of pictures will be submitted to be in the Internet Hollywood magazine and the best ones will be chosen. I hope Kyra Grasso (left side) will submit some of her beautiful photos from the party as well. She really captured some wonderful moment that was beyond magical.


I just recently came across a couple beautiful photos that were taken by independent model Kyra Grasso during the party. It was a collection of a whole bunch of photos that included many beautiful models that were also in attendance. This picture shows her with a beautiful independent model from the state of Massachusetts name Mariah Cummings. Mariah was one of the models that I was connected with through Facebook that I recently touched base with sometime before the party. I’m so happy I was able to because she has been such an amazing person that has been supporting me from the beginning. There were so many beautiful pictures taken of her. And since I’m writing individual stories on each moment you will have to wait for many of the photos in future stories. There is nothing I like more than building the anticipation.


This event marks Kyra Grasso third Internet Hollywood appearance that she electrified with her creative glow.Kyra Grasso and Mariah Cummings represented Samantha Gottlich’s amazing brand NROR Art. She was the last designer to show off her collection in the fashion show.


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