Models Lonnie Alex And Carrie Madeline Gets Published In Internet Hollywood Magazine

Internet Hollywood News – Internet Hollywood’s second and third most published models are now published in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of the year. Las Vegas model Lonnie Alex and New Jersey’s Carrie Madeline has achieved a huge amount of success over the past years. That success has earned Lonnie Alex 19 publications and Carrie Madeline 24 in total.


Madeline has a long history in Internet Hollywood and is currently ranked #3 on Internet Hollywood’s top models chart. She is the first model to be featured on the cover of an Internet Hollywood magazine and is the only to do a photo shoot strictly for it. The photo shoot was done with William Joseph Photography.


We are also crediting Lonnie Alex for fueling herself with the drive to conquer some pretty magnificent goals. She has been one of the most supported models in Internet Hollywood that is known for putting in work and keeping a positive attitude along the way.


You could read the entire magazine issue by clicking here.

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