Models Mariah Cummings, Kyra Grasso, Makeaviini and Devi Doll selfies up at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show

Internet Hollywood Party – Independent model Kyra Grasso was on quite the quest with her camera during the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show that took place at the Natick Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts.  She took a lot of pictures with a lot of the beautiful models that were in attendance and all of the photos look absolutely amazing. This amazing selfie was also taken by Kyra and included models Mariah Cummings (far left), Makeaviini (third model to left), and Devi Doll (last model to left). I was recently was tagged in the photo on Facebook and I couldn’t wait to write something up on it.


The show was the first of its kind for Internet Hollywood that included four designers that showed off their beautiful collection. The first to show off her collection was Catarina Abreu of LLeya P, Noemi Toress of OM;S WRLD came second, Keturah Jazmyne of Eccentric Chic Designs, and the last was Samantha Gottlich of NROR Art. Each collection embodied the expression of wonderful styles that came out of the designer’s creative expression. All of their hard work was met with force by these beautiful independent models who helped provide the pieces to this magical puzzle. Not to mention the gorgeous hair work that was done by Maggievanity for NROR ART (Mariah, Kyra) and Carla Earlington for Eccentric Chic Designs (Devi Doll). Maggievanity also said they received help from talented hairstylist Emdira. They both were a dominant force with makeup and all the pictures will prove that as we continue to cover the stories for the remaining of the month. This is definitely a story that’s just beginning with the Internet Hollywood magazine on its way.


In the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show Mariah Cummings, Kyra Grasso and Makeaviini represented NROR ART and Devi Doll represented Eccentric Chic Designs. Eccentric Chic Designs went third in the Fashion Show and NROR ART went last.  The next stop will be the Internet Hollywood magazine and many other things that will be revealed soon. Congratulations to everyone that was involved in this show. Stay tuned to hear what’s in store next!


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(note: credits will be updated if a name is missing)


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