Models Rayanne, Isabel Vinson & Antonia Dufort gets messy in new paint shoot with 5 photographers!

Photo Shoot – Three published models are back on Internet Hollywood’s front page after an exciting weekend together at their new photo shoot with multiple photographers at the Atomic Canary New England. Pictures from the four-hour shoot are beginning to float around the Internet and many more people are beginning to find out about the awesome photo shoot that included Constantine Maos, Peter Gordon, Peter D’Arrigo, FJ Bush and Day Photography!

A couple of pictures that I have from the photo shoot would give you an idea of how fun this shoot was with all the talent that was involved in this incredible collaboration. Although most of the photos are pretty revealing, we great ones that were not and would love to share them with you. If you are interested in seeing the nude photos feel free to follow their super cool fan pages below!

One of my favorite pictures from the shoot is Rayanne’s super gigantic hug that she gave Isabel and Antonia. Seeing their smiles light up in joy while doing something the love was one of the most heartwarming things I seen this week. Just imagining how fun it must of been to be in a room with these models and amazing photographers is frustrating to know without experiencing it. I could tell they had an amazing time.

You could check out more of the photos by going to their pages. I’m sure more photos from the shoot will be getting published sometime soon!


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Day Photography

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