Models Victoria Kermen And Despina Teams Up With Photographer Tillet To Battle Breast Cancer

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Prince Vega  – Millions of people are helping to spread the message about breast cancer now that the annual campaigns are in full swing for the month of October. You can easily find thousands of ribbons popping up across all social media websites to support the battle against the deadly disease that is expected to take the life of 40,290 women this year, according to Two strong beautiful models recently came together to put a purpose behind their beauty in their recent photo shoot with photographer Tillett Leonardo. 

Models Victoria Kermen and Despina Minasidis is showing their support for anyone suffering with the illness and is encouraging them to keep the fight strong. The piece of art displayed above couldn’t of been done without the help of Tillett Leonardo. Leonardo remains a respected name that continues to gain recognition in Internet Hollywood for the amazing work he has a done with a few models affiliated with our universe. He has a brilliant eye that brings his work to perfection and nobody can doubt his amazing gift.

Words couldn’t describe how inspiring it is to see beautiful women like Victoria and Despina come together to create magic out of a photo shoot to push a message that benefits people in need. There shouldn’t be a day that goes by that doesn’t involve making people aware of the importance of serious illnesses like breast cancer.

We are truly proud that these two gorgeous models chose to team up with a super talented photographer to collab for the importance of a message that needs to be spread!


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