Mooi Model Sherry And Photographer Raven Macabre Crushes New Photo Shoot

sherry new 6Prince Vega – Photographer Raven Macabre has earned a powerful reputation for his absolutely amazing gift as a photographer. His editing skills continues to shock the eyes of all who stare at his work throughout the years. Today is a day he continues to solidify his reputation with brand new breathtaking photos that are sweeping all across the world of social media.

Mooi Model Sherry recently shared a photo from a shoot with Macabre that is quickly capturing the attention of everyone who lays eyes upon it. The model expressed her appreciation by tagging the photographer in a status where she shared heartwarming words.

“This is simply breath taking to me ???????? I literally almost cried when I saw this my eyes watered… just because it made me so Happy ????Raven CruzCruz you Rock dude.”

This isn’t the first time Raven Macabre showed off his talent in unimaginable ways. He’s clearly a visionary that has perfected time within his mind before turning the powerful images he imagines into physical masterpieces. During a short interview earlier this year Macabre confessed to our reporters that he never read a single tutorial in his life.

“Truth be told I’ve never read a single tutorial in my life,” Macabre said. “I’ve skimmed them only to go “hey I do that” or to find out how certain photographers are editing their photos (you would really be surprised how many people are clones of high end photo retouching dvd 101). Since I do so many different things I tend to think “influence” rather than a set style. Be it thinking of Olivia De Berardinis as I edit, or Herge, or David Goldner or Chris Achiellios, Vallejo, whoever. I am, like most artists, the sum total of all I was exposed too.”

Internet Hollywood’s second floor private committee predicts that Raven Macabre will rank in the top 10 billboard charts in future months to come. Sherry is a lovable model that was recommended to Internet Hollywood by model Isabel Vinson. Isabel Vinson is the CEO of Mooi Model Management.

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