Mook The Great Lyrically Destroys New Music Single “Vibe” Off “Bar Wars II”

mook the greatPrince Vega – Connecticut’s own Mook The Great just delivered a phenomenal performance in his new single off his new project “Bar Wars II.” The new single is the first off his project that is now available on


The relaxing vibe inside the melody produced on the catchy beat was met with creative multis that painted the picture of the vibration shared between him and his significant other. The video contributed greatly in the visual imagined by Mook who played his role as a pen master in the lyrical sport of rapper. The nine-track mix-tape is a few days old and still holds the fresh scent of erupting fire.


The release has been receiving a great deal of support from Connecticut’s underground music scene who seemed very happy to hear the rapper drop his skilled lyrics in a new video that has now made its way to Internet Hollywood’s front page.


Mook The Great is one of the few artists from Connecticut that has been featured in our top stories along-side talented artists like Oscar Black, Snacks Giggaty, G.O.L.D, and Lady Law. You can check out the video by clicking the link below!


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