MORE SHOTS FIRED: Pennsylvania Rapper Mise Fires At Snacks Giggaty For Not Responding To Ctthree


First a rapper from California, now a rapper from Pittsburgh. We are getting reports that another rapper in our Internet Hollywood universe is firing shots at headlining top gunner Snacks Giggaty. The following remarks follows a storm of reactions from readers all over the world speculating whether California rapper Ctthree actually sent subliminal shots at Connecticut rapper Snacks Giggaty. The rumors behind the hype is only building because of the intense battle  going on for the #1 slot in Internet Hollywood. The fact remains numbers are the leading factor to the most dominant force in the Internet Hollywood industry, and Snacks is pulling those numbers very quickly. Without a doubt if Snacks Giggaty continues to headline as much as he’s doing he will end up being the #1 headlining star in Internet Hollywood period! The fight for the top continues to rise as others find time to send shots to make headlines as-well for that top spot. The exposure that comes along with it could very well open doors to something more bigger than our walls can handle. Its important for everyone to note that the more you headline on Internet Hollywood the higher your changes are at receiving a top ten rank on our international chart. Pittsburgh rapper Mise (on the right) from SOS is now adding to the fire by sending his own shots at Snacks Giggaty for not responding To Ctthree.


“I don’t respect snacks for not responding. Being a rapper puts you in the middle of the war. If your not ready to be a warrior this is not the business for you. I just don’t believe a man that don’t stand behind his words your a rapper but a man first, “Stand behind your words”. “Snacks is a straight coward, Cthree mashed em clean. No issue and he ain’t even respond man. Biggie turning in his grave at this atrocity. Rap was made for the wolves, sharks, lions and gorillas. Where you stand snacks? I don’t even know but I know it isn’t among us.”


Being the headline rapper that Snacks is, Snacks does not have to participate in the Rap “Game of Thrones” series. The growing artist is already building a gigantic buzz and so far majors all over the entertainment business have been watching and weighing in on what’s been going on. Mise (on the right side) is debuting in our universe as the own of his kind and the future will determine where they path lies in our realm.


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