MUA Amber Weinberg talks about her Halloween plans, dressing her daughter up as a unicorn, her haunted experiences with a Quija Board, and more

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – This month’s hot topic in Internet Hollywood has created a wave of responses from people that filled me in on their plans for Halloween. I sent them similar hot topic questions that dug a little into their likes, most scary moments, favorite treats, costumes, and more. I also got in touch with independent Connecticut model Amber Weinberg to get the scoop on what her plans was as well for the holiday. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Interview / w Amber Weinberg*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Amber?! It’s exciting to have this chat with you. This is our very first interview together. I hope you had an amazing weekend. How have your plans been going for Halloween? Will you be dressing up with family or friends and doing anything excited?


Amber: Hey Justin, thanks so much for the opportunity to chat with you, Halloween is my favorite time of year and a time when everyone’s creative side comes out, so it’s something that I look forward to each year. This season, I’ve been so busy with other projects that I haven’t really had the chance to do a whole lot of Halloween makeup. I am making time to do one really detailed Halloween look that I will be doing soon, and a couple Halloween skull looks that you’ll see if you come check out the RAW Ovation show on Tuesday the 23rd, super excited to do them up, skulls are my favorite! This Halloween, I will be dressing my daughter up as a Unicorn so lots of rainbows and sparkles for her. Not sure what I plan to do for myself yet, I usually try to match her in some type of way. So any ideas send them my way haha.


Internet Hollywood: What are some “must do things” around this time of year when holidays like this one come around? Do you traditionally plan anything at all?


Amber: You asked the right person, there’s so much to do here in the fall, and we do it all. We usually go apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay rides, corn mazes, a trip to Clyde’s Cider Mill and get the apple sippy cups and apple donuts (my favorite), and usually we also take a hike up Lantern Hill and take in the foliage. It’s my favorite time of year so we do all of this every year.


Internet Hollywood: I have been learning about everyone’s favorite movies and most horrifying horror movie characters. What would you say is your favorite horror movies to watch around Halloween time and what horror movie and character terrified you the most?


Amber: Halloween movies aren’t really my thing; I’m the biggest chicken when it comes to scary stuff. I try to watch them but I get half way thru and can’t finish and then I don’t sleep for a week straight. I’m pathetic haha.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been through a haunted experience at all in the past?


Amber: Hauntings I’ve dealt with myself…as much as I love Halloween, I hate being scared haha. Once upon a time, I loved the scary stuff and I bought a Quija Board, because why not, I didn’t think it was real. Well we had someone come thru and I thought it was my cousin and sister moving it, because it spelt out “Nana”. So I was like ouuu spooky guys (eye roll), they swore up and down that they didn’t move it. Well then it spelled out a 4 digit number, again I thought they were messing with me. Our Nana had passed away when we were really young so there was no way that any of us knew her birthday or anything because we were so young. Well, I asked my mom what she thought Nana —- meant, and she said it was the year she was born. So after that, I got completely freaked out and never used one again. But I feel like the place I live, all the grounds have a very deep history, so there’s a lot of activity up here, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a haunting, but definitely some type of energy.


Internet Hollywood: last question; Many parents are deciding to take their children out trick or treating for the very first time. What are some things you feel they all should keep in mind as advice to remain safe while trick or treating during the night time?


Amber: For first-time parents or really any parents at all, it can be a scary thing to go trick or treating with the kids. There are a lot of twisted people out there that ruin the fun stuff, but you can still go out and have fun while being safe. My rule of thumb is to go to the houses where you know the people. I personally have never brought my daughter to a stranger’s house, just to be sure that all the candy is safe. I also every year have my daughter wear a light up necklace, so that when we’re walking thru the neighborhood all the passing cars can see her. Just be aware of your surroundings, that’s really the biggest thing.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Amber! I hope you really enjoy your Halloween!



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