MUA/Cosmetologist Zayla reveals her favorite makeup products, cosmetology school, becoming a certified MUA artist, wanting to open a salon and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts MUA & Cosmetologist Zayla is giving us the inside scoop on what’s going on for the new year and I’m happy I could share the interview we had over the weekend with you. I got in touch with her over messenger and asked if she would be interested in doing an interview with us and she said yes. I quickly sent Zayla a couple questions, and now I finally got all of her answers back. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Zayla Farias*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Zayla! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. I’ have been noticing my interviews with makeup artists have been shockingly increasing this year. It’s good to see more people are taking on this field the best way they can and sharing their stories with us. I truly appreciate it. Before we start, could you shine some light on where you come from, what your influences were, and what made you want to do makeup?


Zayla : Good morning. I’m based off from Boston. I was always into makeup when I was younger, probably young as 5 (for performing purposes). My mom would do my makeup and hair for dance shows. I would say when I was 10 I would start with a simple black liner on my bottom water line. Little did I know that would make me a MUA today. I always loved playing around and wearing makeup from the jump. Middle school and high school is when I started to “beat” my face. My makeup transformed from ugly, thick black liner, uneven winged liner, and caked faced to a work of art. My senior year in high school was when I knew going into the cosmetology industry was the right thing for me.


Internet Hollywood: I’m sure growing up you checked out many kinds of makeup and even labeled some of your favorites in those days. What are some of your favorite products to use that you recommend others try?


Zayla: I personally love all makeup from Sephora because I’m used to using professional makeup and I think the outcome comes out beautiful. Although, for cheaper makeup, I really love Morphe’s pallets and brushes. Also for drugstore, NYX is really good and Ardell faux mink lashes are great as well.


Internet Hollywood: I have seen your Instagram so I know how lit your eyebrows be. Lol. Do you also express your creativity in collabs with models doing photo shoots or fashion shows? Are those things that you’re into as well?


Zayla: To put my work out there I would collaborate with models and do fashion shows. Though now, I don’t do collaborations anymore because the makeup I use is very expensive and my portfolio for makeup is already big. Photo shoots and fashion shows are very fun to do.


Internet Hollywood: Is there a plan for wanting to be a makeup artist to benefit your future in the long term?


Zayla: My plan is to become a certified MUA which I will accomplish in a few months. Besides hair, makeup is my main talent.


Internet Hollywood: Was the journey to becoming a cosmetologist a hard one to understand when you first started?


Zayla: I’m currently still in cosmetology school, but in April I will be graduating and getting my license. Honestly, it wasn’t hard to me. I understood everything when I was first taught and I love it. I’m confident in what I do.


Internet Hollywood: I also saw that you were also interested in modeling. Have you started that journey yet or is that something you plan on doing soon?


Zayla: I’ve just started modeling.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of photoshoots are you open to doing when you start?


Zayla: I’m open to anything, but not nudity lol. I already have many photographers that wanna shoot with me.


Internet Hollywood: With all of the amazing abilities you have, do you feel there is a time limit set for when you should conquer your goals? If so, what happens if you fail to achieve them at the time you wish to conquer them? Is there an option b?


Zayla: Well, my plan is to open my own salon in 2 years. I don’t believe in the failure part because I am working very hard and if I want something I have to work for it. I also want to do barbering school, but I don’t know when. I’m only 18 and I’m already doing big things. It’s a blessing.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Farias!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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Photographer: Alexander Mejia

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