MUA Dashawn Russell wants to paint clients faces for Halloween, talks haunted experiences, not being a fan of horror movies, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Halloween is just around the corner and many people have been revealing their plans with me for the holiday. I have been on a quest to discover all of the stories I could leading up to the upcoming holiday and in that journey, I learned about peoples haunted experiences, favorite horror movies, most frightening characters and more. I also caught up with makeup artist Dashawn Russell to get the scoop on what she has going on for the holiday and she kindly filled me in. Enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Dashawn Russell*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Dashawn?! It’s so nice chatting with you again. How has your fall been going? Are you planning anything for Halloween?


Dashawn: Thank you for interviewing me I’m so honored. My fall is going great I’m so glad we get to have a nice cool breeze so that way my makeup doesn’t fall out my face lol I’m just kidding I’m happy about the fall the changing of the leaves and spending time with family. I really don’t have anything planned for Halloween but I do hope that I get some clients that want they face painted.


Internet Hollywood: Many people have revealed to me what they’re planning in previous interviews I did over the weekend. I learned about their favorite movie characters and films that horrified them the most. I thought it would be interesting to ask you as well. What were some of your favorite horror movies to watch and what character would you say frightened you the most while you were growing up?


Dashawn: Omg! I’ll be honest, I’m not a big horror movie fan but the one horror film that scared me the most was Freddie Kruger ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’. I couldn’t sleep for days when I first saw that movie.


Internet Hollywood: Another thing we have been discussing as a fun topic is ghost stories. I got some pretty interesting answers when I asked about that. I thought it would be cool to hear your story if you had one. Have you ever been through a haunted experience or went through anything people would consider supernatural?


Dashawn: Well…. there was one time I was sleeping at my grandmother’s house and I thought I heard the door open but it wasn’t. But then I felt a presence over me and they held my head down so I wouldn’t be able to get up the all of a sudden. I just woke up and it was gone. I was so terrified I stayed up till the sun came up and that was the only time that ever happened to me.


Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite kind of candy to get durng your trick or treating deals and do you ever cook a special kind of dish around this time of the year?


Dashawn: My favorite kind of candy when I use to go trick or treating were tootsie rolls and snickers minibars and my mother or my grandmother always did the cooking. They always tell me don’t come in the kitchen till the food is ready and our favorite was macaroni n cheese and my grandmother would make a big pan of it every year.


Internet Hollywood: last question; I’m sure we all could agree that safety is the most important thing when a family decides they want to bring their kids out trick or treating. What are some safety tips would you like to give to parents that are taking their kids our trick or treating?


Dashawn: Just make sure you are present when you are with your kids because anything can happen at night you never but as long you at around them and there are no signs of any danger then every is smooth sailing.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Dashawn! Happy Halloween!


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