MUA Shayla Roy discuss the growing popularity to become a makeup artist, wanting to start a YouTube channel, having affordable rates for clients, modeling and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts makeup artist Shayla Roy has given us some of her free time to answer some questions I had written for her last week. I got in touch with the makeup artist and asked if she would like to be interviewed then proceeded to send her questions, shortly after she accepted the offer. Roy has been on my list for a little while but I never was really in contact with her. It’s good that we were finally able to chop it up for our readers. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Shayla Roy*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Shayla! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe! It feels great to take on an early morning chopping it up with a beautiful makeup artist that’s coming up in the state of Massachusetts. I’m hoping this interview turns out to be something all of our readers will enjoy. When did you develop the urge to become a makeup artist and what would you say motivated you the most to?


Roy: When I was growing up I had these terrible blonde eyelashes and these crazy eyebrows! I was always commented on and asked if I had something wrong and told I look like all sorts of animals ..I hated the fact no one saw me for me and only saw me for what I presented. I wanted them to look past that all and get to know me. So I told my self I was going to make a change to my self, I went home that day and I grabbed all the makeup from my mom’s bag and went at it! I loved the way the mascara brought out my eyes and the way the blush brought color to my face. I felt so confident, then I went into public. I was told I look like a vampire with all my mascara and eyeliner, I was told I looked like a weirdo, etc, ect.. but this time all these words didn’t bother me because I was confident and I felt beautiful and knew that no one would take this feeling from me. After this feeling I knew I wanted to get involved in the beauty industry, I wanted all my friends to feel the same way and then I realized I wanted the whole world to feel as beautiful as I did.

Internet Hollywood: Makeup is something that has been applied to our lives for thousands of years and there is no getting away from it. Why do you feel makeup has become such a powerful tool that millions of people to use in their everyday lives?


Roy: As I attended beauty school I got the chance to learn about the way makeup was applied and made in the ancient days and it truly was just amazing, it really has been around for a long while, dates as far back as BC and was used for more than just beauty but used to mark their bodies to symbolise who they were in the tribes. Makeup doesn’t make you beautiful, everyone is beautiful but makeup enhances your features. It’s helped so much in the world of mental illnesses, from being a makeup artist to getting your makeup done, it’s such an amazing experience to see someone so happy with themselves, for them to feel empowered.

Internet Hollywood: What do you wish to do as a makeup artist?


Roy: As a makeup artist my goal is to make everyone who comes and sits in my chair has such an amazing experience that they’re not just leaving with a smile because they’re happy with the makeup result but because they feel comfortable and had a genuine fun and relaxing time with me. I want to be able to teach all women how to apply just even the simplest amounts of makeup to make their features pop and to have them feel more confident. As a makeup artist love to share my tips and tricks with clients so they can go home and continue to feel amazing every day! I will always make it my goal to offer my services at the most affordable prices to all.


Internet Hollywood: I think I have seen some pictures of you that looked like you were modeling. Is that something that also wants to try out as you continue your journey?


Roy: Yes I have modeled a couple of times for a few smaller events, I LOVED it. While I’m still trying to get my career as a makeup artist up I have also been trying to set up a few shoots to get my self out there for modeling gigs. I always am looking for new opportunities to grow in my passion and as a model, you get to be around the new makeup trends and see all the new styles and it’s a great learning opportunity!

Internet Hollywood: Many makeup artists go into video streaming sites and start making tutorials on websites like Youtube. Is it an interest of yours to pursue that direction as well?


Roy: I have been looking for a good video editor to work with because I would love to get a YouTube channel up and running! Like I had mentioned earlier , I love helping clients out with tips and tricks on how to apply the makeup themselves at home and a YouTube channel would definitely be a great idea not just for them but for all the women out there who don’t feel good enough and want to feel like themselves, that want to feel good enough . Within this year I plan on having a site up and running.

Internet Hollywood: What are some of the products that you like to use when you want to bring out the best look?


Roy:  I truthfully believe a good primer goes a LONG way. All foundations are made differently, Some only have minimum coverage while some have the maximum. I love using the Maybelline fit me matte foundation and even though it’s not MAX coverage my primer makes it seem as if it is and it’s great while on budget! The right color eyeshadow depending on the eye color is also very important! Green eyes match wonderfully with purple shadow and hazel with gold colors and so forth. I love the morphe pallets personally because they have such a great assortment of colors and still super affordable! A good mascara finally is really vital to pull a look together, when your eyelashes are popping so are you!


Internet Hollywood: Are you interested in starting a line of products of your own one day if you don’t already have one?


Roy: I have always of course dreamed of having my own makeup line, but I know right now just is not the right time. I’m focusing right now on my skills as a makeup artist and growing better with different looks on different skin tones and what not. I would love to be highly educated on all the ingredients that’s going into my products and make sure it’s all to my standards so I need time to be around and make sure everything is going as needed. I want my clients to have a product not just meant for my skin but that will be available for all their skin types. It’s too often everyone has to go to different brands to get their makeup I want to have a line that has all the makeup products that work equally amazing.

Internet Hollywood: last question; where would you like to see yourself around this time next year and what would be the next step if you got to where you imagined?


Roy:  I have plenty of long-term goals that I would love to accomplish by next year this time. Those including having my makeup artistry certificate and having my YouTube Channel up and running! I would love to have a new makeup chair for my clients. And work on having plenty of them next year.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Roy!!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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Photographer: Yomo Perez

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