MUA & Writer Indu Guzman talks beauty and makeup, her favorite products, graphic designing, her editorial business, getting into baking, writing, current projects, and more!

Beyond The Lens –  Makeup artist. bookmaker. and writer Indu Guzman is giving us the inside scoop on what made her pursue her career as a makeup artist. That is only one of many things Guzman does and she happily elaborated on her other talents in the interview.


I have been connected to Guzman through Facebook and invited her to do an interview with messenger and she accepted. After she gave me the green light I immediately worked on a couple of questions and sent it her way as soon as I could. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w  Indu Guzman*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Indu! It’s a pleasure interviewing another person that carries many talents and put them to work by taking on their goals day by day. I look forward to reading some of your answers to my questions. When did you get the urge to pursue makeup as a career and when did the other things you do become a priority, or did it all start at the same time?


Indu: Thanks for interviewing me. I’ve always been a creative person since I was a child. One creative avenue is too restricting. I see being a makeup artist as another creative avenue. The face is my canvas. I’ve always been interested in beauty and makeup since junior high and been good at it. During high school, I was part of theatre club and for one play, I was part of the makeup team and I enjoyed. And during college, a friend of mine interested in directing films wanted to participate in a 48 hour film festival contest and got our team. Since I knew makeup well, I was the hair and makeup artist and helped out with costuming. I enjoyed it. I didn’t get into pursuing makeup artistry until later. I had many interests and hobbies, but my main one was writing. After college, I wanted to teach English literature and journalism. I taught high school and realized it wasn’t for me. So I ended up changing careers into publishing. After some in-house publishing experience, I decided to freelance as an editor when I had my kids. I love being a solopreneur, flexible schedule, doing what I love and being there for the kids. Around this time, I experimented with other creative avenues like baking and makeup. I started applying make up on friends and family, and eventually connected with photographers. And went from there.


Internet Hollywood: I also read that you were bookmaker and writer baker. Care to elaborate on some of the past things you did or may be working on related to that?


Indu: Baking is a creative hobby. It’s something I share with friends and make cupcakes and decorate them with my stepson. I call myself bookmaker because I edit manuscripts and eventually learned layout and book design. With my editorial business, I started offering book design as well. It went hand-in-hand. With book design and layout, there’s so much I could do. I primarily work as a freelance book editor and designer for independent authors seeking self-publishing route or an author wanting to polish her manuscript before sending it off to an agent.


Internet Hollywood: I also saw that you were a graphic designer! When did you become interested in designing your own graphics and how hard was it to learn how to do it?


Indu: I’m familiar with the basics of it. I’m a lot better with layout and typography. It helps in designing logos. There’s a lot I can do with it. If someone wanted to self-publish a book, I can edit their manuscript and then turn the manuscript into a book. I design the cover and then the layout of interior pages. That’s where graphic design comes in. Another option is taking wedding pictures and creating a high-end coffee table book of a couple’s wedding that includes pictures and short stories such as how they met or something special about their wedding venue. This would be another presentation than the standard photo albums. With creative skills, there’s so much you could do. I learned graphic design in college when I studied/journalism. Learning how to operate the programs used for the graphic designer was at first tricky and confusing, but with practice, I eventually got the hang of it. It goes with my book design and layout. I can apply that skill anywhere. We use Adobe programs like InDesign and Photoshop, those were easy to learn. But, I found Illustrator the most challenging.

Photographer: Tobi Makinde

Internet Hollywood: Judging by your photos, you seem to be pretty busy. How hard was it to develop the connections and friendships you did to get to where you are right now?


Indu: Being a natural extrovert, I enjoy hanging out and going to different places and events. Meeting new people and hearing their stories is exciting. All my past jobs required working with people. I’m comfortable introducing myself to strangers. It takes patience and time. Sometimes people have different personalities and communication styles. Accept and respect each other. It’s important to make connections because through them I’ve received good ideas, advice, laughs and jokes, and drinks. Its also fulfilling to help someone and share my expertise and talents, and return the favor by getting a drink for them. Connecting with people is easier now with Facebook groups and websites like


Internet Hollywood: What has been your main goal since the start of this year and how soon are you hoping to finish it and what happens if you don’t?


Indu: I started this year with a newborn baby. So I became lax on my goals. I’ll always have my business and work, but babies don’t stay little for long. My goal this year is being a good mom and learning to accept my best work. That’s figuring out how to balance my goals, family time, and self-care. My goals for 2018 is to learn more makeup techniques. Get better at editing and writing. Either by self-teaching and reading or taking classes. If I don’t reach it, it’s the time to self-reflect and evaluates so that I can change your strategy and approach for the next year.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on anything now?


Indu: Hmmm…changing diapers. For the time being that is. I don’t get how it’s possible for a tiny baby to make 8 to 12 diapers a day. My daughter just turned 3 months in March and just started sleeping through the night. So, I just started returning back to my work. I’m working on strategies and ideas for the year. One thing I want to work on is creating a YouTube channel and seeking future opportunities to teach in a writers conference. It’s to build my work.That’s well ahead. To accomplish that, I want to take acting for TV classes. Why? That helps me learn how to be more comfortable engaging in front of a camera or audience. And it just sounds fun.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite products to use when you’re doing makeup?


Indu: Sonia Roselli’s Water Balm. That’s a staple in my kit and an incredible moisturizer and primer that works on all skin tones. Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer. Makes any eyeshadow last all day with no creasing or wear. Lancome foundations. I love any of their foundations. Long lasting. Many shades for various skin tones.  Stila liquid lipstick. Long lasting and doesn’t dry your lips like most liquid lipsticks. Blinc mascara. Such an underrated brand. It didn’t irritate my eyes or get into my contacts and comes off easily. It’s water resistant and worked well for me.

Internet Hollywood: Last question; is there anything on your mind that you would like to share with everyone that may read this interview?


Indu: There’s a saying that variety is the spice of life. That’s how I go through life. I like doing a variety of things, meeting and hanging out with a variety of people, eating a variety of foods. It makes life interesting and a well-rounded person. Throughout my life, I gathered a variety of skills and experiences. I’m now seeing how it all comes together.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Indu!


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Photographer (second picture): Tobi Makinde

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