Music Billboard Charts: S.O.S To Face Off With Baby Beretta, Wayne Gordon, Loose Logic & More!

sos new 2Internet Hollywoood’s #1 rap group will have the biggest battle in their Internet Hollywood life starting this week. We’ve been told that the music group will be facing off with over 35 challengers, 15 by popular demand! What does this mean? When an underground artist makes a huge impact (buzz wise) over the Internet people begin to talk. When the conversations grows, so does the ear of our second floor private committee. When that stage passes, a gigantic vote takes place that decides whether that artist is “news worthy” enough to talk about. We are now finding out one of those artists that is being voted into the billboard charts is Loose Logic. Although there’s more than one rapper with that name, California’s Loose Logic will be the only one in Internet Hollywood, at this moment. He’s been highly suggested by multiple representatives of our universe numerous amount of times in the past. Even with that level of popularity, S.O.S still remains the powerhouse when it comes to Internet Hollywood’s underground music billboard charts. The group has been historically putting in work for over 6 months now! The biggest accomplishment for the brothers is becoming the first group to ever make it in Internet Hollywood Magazine back in December. The group is currently one of the most played artists every Tuesday night on Internet Hollywood Radio. The battle to the finish will start off at #10 and persist until the #1 winner is decided. Wayne Gordon is expected to be one of the 35 after repeatedly dominating Internet Hollywood’s radio circuit with amazing songs like “Handle Bars” and “Afraid Of The Dark”. Will S.O.S remain the reigning machine? We will have to see!!!

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