Nardi The K.I.D Hasn’t Released A Music Video In Years, New Video Suggests New Music Coming Soon

nardi-the-k-i-dPrince Vega – It is pretty mind bobbling to imagine an artist as lyrical and creative as Nardi The K.I.D not putting a song out in months. To make it even more stressful, he hasn’t put a music video out in years and we don’t understand why.


On our quest to discover more information without direct contact, we noticed a streaming video published by Nardi that shows him playing a new song that hasn’t been released yet. After scrolling up another status we discovered a second video that shows the well-known Connecticut musician playing another song that seemed unfamiliar to the general public.


While listening to the videos we failed to notice Nardi mentioning anything about a release date for any new music. All we noticed was him saying he would give a copy of the CD to one of the people watching the live stream on Facebook. (Watch Here)


Before drifting into a sudden silence, Nardi The K.I.D was known in conversations as one of the top ten rappers from the state of Connecticut. His popularity among hip hop listeners was so widely known that Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega heard about him growing up.


Will we get new material from Nardi The K.I.D soon? We could only hope as the ending of the year continues to approach us! Check out some of Nardi old videos below!

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