Nasty Life: Big Mach To Drop His Third Music Video Of The Month With ‘All Around Filmz’

big mach 5Prince Vega – Connecticut’s own rapper Big Mach is gearing up to release his third music video of the month. The publicly known artist recently wrapped up a new video shoot with All Around Filmz for his new freestyle “Bars” that is expected to be release sometime very soon.


The four time Internet Hollywood headliner recently broke news a little over a week ago after releasing his version of Drake’s ‘Back to Back‘ in a freestyle and a song titled ‘Late Nite‘ featuring K.O. and Joe Banga. The releases comes two months after Big Mach released a song called “Got The Juice” with J.R. Writer and Papers. (Listen Here)


Big Mach first made headlines in Internet Hollywood in August 2014 after Snacks Gigatty was dragged into a feud with a rapper in California by the name C-three. The video was published on Facebook so there is no way we can embed it here so we took some of the lyrics from an older article published on here


From the video:

“I hear it..sworn they tried to throw shots at Snacks/Fat Boys in the building, copy, no, roger that//

We just gone eat em alive/when its done your mouth gone be the reason you died//

Reason you tried gone be the same reason you cried/my bro humble so tell me what’s the reason to lie?//

Big Mach and Snacks Giggaty are some of the most humble, down to earth and lyrical artists you’d ever meet. Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega recently expressed how coming up Big Mach had to school him on being more careful with words he says towards other artists because of the reactions he may receive. Big Mach is one of the reasons Prince Vega became more careful with the tone in which he uses his words. You can check out some of Big Mach videos by All Around Filmz posted below!

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