NBA 2K18: IH Game Tournament Begins as IH Vaughka faces off with Millennial Stargaze on August 11th

IH Games – The countdown is on before Internet Hollywood’s first game tournament begins for people with the PS4 game console. This first game tournament is considered a “trial” to test out how the game feature will work for future game tournaments that will involve people from all over the internet. This non-profit tournament includes eight people (including relatives) that will be using nicknames on Internet Hollywood while we test out this preseason for the first time. If the tournament is proven a success many non-profit tournaments will take place and Internet Hollywood will be giving full coverage on in as it happens.


This tournament will include 32 games and will be done every Saturday around noon time starting on August 11th. The first matchup will be between Internet Hollywood Vaughka and a relative that goes by the name Millennial Stargaze. There will also be three other games happening that day as well. Those matchups and the games involved will be revealed very soon. All records will start at 0 and will be affected starting August 11th. If they were to lose, tie, or anything else for that matter it will show on their record. If the gamer is not available to compete against their opponent their settings will be set to CPU mode or a replacement gamer will be selected to play the gamer that’s presence. The records will still be affected. The exact time is not known at this time, but as the days go by, more information will become available.


~*~*Prince Vaughka (0-0) vs Millenial Stargaze (0-0)*~*~

~*~*Saturday, August 11th*~*~


Note: PS4 is not the only game console we will be doing live tournaments on. There will also be tournaments done on other things like PC and XBox One, to name a few.

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