NBA 2K18: Moana Patricia to battle with Lion Fall in the Internet Hollywood Game Tournament on August 11th

IH Gamers – Moana Patricia will be facing off with Lion Fall in Internet Hollywood’s first ever ps4 game tournament that will be taking place on Saturday, August 11th. The news broke of the tournament today when it was revealed that Internet Hollywood Vaughka (Prince Vega) will be taken on an unknown gamer, that’s a relative, that has chosen to go by the name Millenial Stargaze. The tournament will include 8 gamers and 16 games in total. The purpose of the tournament is to test out the new online gamer feature on Internet Hollywood.


There will be a total of four games to start off the tournament and four games the following Saturday that will continue on the tournament until all 16 games are completed. Afterward, it will be decided on whether the feature will remain an active column on the website or be pushed into the shadows until the future. We will also begin to add readers and people we published about to the game tournaments as well. The second battle will include gamer Moana Patricia and another gamer by the name of Lion Fall. All records are at 0 and will be changed as the tournament continues. This will be the second matchup on August 11th.


~*~*Moana Patricia (0-0) vs Lion Fall (0-0)*~*~

~*~*Saturday, August 11th*~*~

Note: PS4 is not the only game console we will be doing live tournaments on. There will also be tournaments done on other things like PC and XBox One, to name a few.

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