NC Model Blair Kenion Confesses That She Was Obsessed With Val Kilmer While Growing Up

Topic Of The Week –  One of Internet Hollywood’s newest sensations from the state of North Carolina is letting us in on her past crush and favorite television show while growing up. She was one of many sensations that was contacted with an option to give us a small idea of what her childhood was like in the past.


After receiving the question, Kenion freely opened up about her favorite television show and revealed her childhood crush was Val Kimer. She also says “Willow” is her favorite movie of all time.

“I was never a kid that liked to watch too much tv. Considering I was an outside type of kid. But, if I did decide to watch anything. I loved this show called “Ghost Writer.” I really don’t know too many people that actually remember or even watched that show. But for me, my eyes would be glued to the tv until the episode was over, and I never missed an episode. Now when it comes to celebrity crush, I was absolutely obsessed with Val Kilmer, he played in my all time favorite movie “Willow”, he was so masculine and tough. I was in love, and just knew I would grow up and marry him.”


Kenion was recently recruited to Internet Hollywood earlier this month to represent the new line of models that became Internet Hollywood sensations this year. She has shown a huge amount of support and continues to share her positive energy with members of Internet Hollywood. We are truly happy to have her here.


This gorgeous featured image of Kenion was taken by Barney Lee (@blfoto).

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