Nebraska model Karla Kitty and Prince Vega took shots at each other on Internet Hollywood Radio this past Sunday

Internet Hollywood – Nebraska model Karla Kitty and Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega took playful shots at each other repeatedly during Internet Hollywood radio this past Sunday. The model was an extremely active listener of the radio show last night and didn’t mind openly expressing herself on Facebook. The model went live in a bar to promote the Internet Hollywood radio show to get all her followers to tune into the show. While enjoying a night out with her friends she kept headphones in her ears to listen as Prince Vega hosted


The playful shots started when Prince Vega responded to Kitty jokingly calling him names like “f—-r” in his comment section on Facebook while broadcasting live on the radio. Vega then took a playful shot at Karla Kitty and stated he was going to “kick her ass” when he sees her at Internet Hollywood’s next party in July. After a storm of responses from Kitty, our buzz alert picked up her very first response where she tell Prince Vega to bring it on.


“This b***h (Prince Vega) going to kick my ass? Bring it on mofo.” – Karla Kitty


As a response, Prince Vega purposely put Arkansas as her home state in one of his social media articles to purposely get under Kitty’s skin. Kitty responded: “It’s nebraska!!!” Prince Vega then responded that “It looks right to him.” He then quietly edited the post before Kitty realized the name was switched back to her actual home state. Kitty amped the jabs in his comment section and even updated a hilarious status about Vega.


“This bitch!!! Forgets where I’m located constantly and threatens to kick my adorable ass on the radio on a constant basis!! Yet mad love for him!!!”


Kitty is a very talented model that has been supporting Prince Vega since the day they first made contact with each other on Facebook. The Nebraska model has been published on Internet Hollywood four times this year!

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