Nevada Model Lonnie Alex has been published on 26 times and has been featured on two Internet Hollywood Magazines!

IH News / Buzz Alert – Independent Nevada model Lonnie Alex has left a track record behind with and today we acknowledge the amount of work she has been putting in for the past years and I personally am honored to be a friend during a lot of those times. In 2017, Lonnie Alex was named the third most published model with 18 features on the website before getting another feature on Internet Hollywood’s second magazine on page 9. She has voice acted in video games, acted in movies, competed in modeling competitions, premiered in Bruno Mars 24K Magic music video, made many dance videos, done hilarious comedy clips, and more. She was first contacted by Internet Hollywood in October 2014!




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*Buzz Alerts are small stories that updates people on things some of the people we published in the past are doing.

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