Nevada Model Tygeria returns to Internet Hollywood Magazine for the second time in July 2019!

IH Magazine (Updated) – Independent Nevada model Tygeria is nowhere close to being out of sight when it comes to magazines in the Internet Hollywood universe. She was the second model to get featured on the front cover of an Internet Hollywood Magazine in its entire history on February 14, 2017. The model was also featured on 6 pages inside of the issue as well. Her impact on our platforms and massive drive that went into photoshoots, magazines, and contests earned her a total of 27 publications on! She is one of the most written about models on Internet Hollywood. Although she has never been to an Internet Hollywood party, she has been connected to Internet Hollywood for almost five years and was around during some of the earliest stages of Internet Hollywood’s development. She was made aware of being again over messenger and voiced her excitement in the message we had. Having her apart of this issue is definitely an honor on our behalf. The magazine is set to be released sometime in late July. Congratulations to Tygeria!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





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