Never Forget: When G.O.L.D dropped his song ‘Keep It 100’ in 2015 he took over the summer!

Musicians -One thing I will always have the privilege of is experiencing some of the most memorable times on the underground music scene where many artists that deserves more than they have achieve a level of notoriety that puts them in conversations beyond the neighborhoods they come from. The circulating waves of sounds found in an artist flow travels naturally when the pureness of their artistry is delivered in a way only rhythm could define. Certain artists possess the abilities to create songs shortly after hearing beats and I believe G.O.L.D is one of those musicians and those they didn’t know would soon find out after his ‘Keep It 100’ music video release.


Although the long-ranging length of ‘Keep It 100’ in the commercial scene could also be credited to the support of DJs who chose to back the record, even without them G.OL.D would have held a stronghold independently for quite sometime as well. It was a record that demanded the public’s attention and would’ve been nothing short of hating if he didn’t receive it. He just couldn’t miss with this one.


The day G.O.L.D rocked the airwaves with his song the communities around the center of his direct impact rallied behind it and helped push the record unlike any other artists at that time. Never have I seen artists, DJs, fans, outsiders, and others back a record from a musician from Connecticut that hard before since I started covering artists from the state of Connecticut in 2011. Believe me, it has happened before. But I have watched this entire thing go down and that summer had G.O.L.D’s name all over and no one from the state could dispute it.


The success of the song quickly found its way into the other commercial platforms and even helped his video pull in almost 60,000 views on YouTube alone. The excellent singing by Jordan Meyer wired in a more international sound that found G.O.L.D’s hard hitting punchlines at the right time and harmonized around it smoothly without disrupting it.


As a matter of fact, the song grew such a strong presence that a few celebrities heard it, sampled it, and attempted to jack it for their own (I’m not naming any names). The result of that known move in the industry caused a storming backlash that lead to an army of supporters and musicians teaming together to storm those celebrities pages and call them out for their role in jacking the song. The backlash was so strong that the celebrity that did it responded to it and had a phone call with G.O.L.D then shouted him out on his page after.


NEVER have I seen people ride that hard for an unsigned artists from the state of Connecticut in all my days of writing on musicians from the state. G.O.L.D’s moment will always go down in Connecticut’s history as one of the most monumental moments where people from the inner-cities and beyond united for a common goal and that’s to be there for an artist that actually deserved their support. This is why the summer of 2015 was his!


You could check the amazing song out below!

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